2013-12-07 10:43:38 by dannywithnoodles

I love this website

Rest in peace Eddsworld

2012-03-28 16:47:55 by dannywithnoodles

I've been looking up to you Edd for such a long time, and even if you're gone...I will always look up to you. You inspired me, you made me think it was possible and you proved it was possible, and for that I thank you. I don't exactly believe in god but, I hope you're in a good place now. You weren't just for entertainment, every video you posted made me want to become a better animator. It makes me sad to think that your youtube and newgrounds channel will be abandoned for ever, and for all the years to come. I will look up your videos in 2 years or so and think...if only, if only.
I can't begin to imagine how it feels to lose a friend, but I truly am saddened by this. I will never forget you and your animations.

Thank you edd.

Art is by dexdestroyer.

Rest in peace Eddsworld